Engine-by-engine, the new Diamond Engines range has been designed for higher strength and durability and Performance.

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We create
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independent designer and manufacturer of diesel engines. For fast, reliable service and quality parts, you can’t beat a DiamondEngine

Diamond Engines has independently specialized in the service and support of all engine applications. Talk to us about our wide range of breakdown, services and repair options - and our massive parts coverage - the largest of its kind in South Florida.

why is Diamond Engines your Rebuild Specialist? We can rebuild and update your Engine from the ground up. 100% Commitment to cleaning, inspection and build quality, means guaranteed finished product integrity..

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New, Rebuilt and Used
since 2014

Performance based engines Built to last a lifetime Land or Marine.

We carry engines not only for truck applications but many diverse applications for a variety of industries such as hauling, mining and agriculture. Keep your old engine for spare parts and let us provide you with the engine you’re looking for. We can ship used heavy duty truck engines all over the world,and offer the best prices on the Web..

We also offer compact, lightweight, quiet, low emission marine diesel, renowned for their outstanding performance and rugged reliability. These marine engines go further and they work harder, year after year. Our marine diesel engines are one of the leading marine engines on the market..